Microliving in Germany

Gross rents for microliving / temporary accommodation

The increasing flexibility of the labour market, as well as the internationalization of education and universities, improve the attractiveness of micro living and student housing as an asset class in Germany.

Gross rents for temporary accommodation (1 room flats adverts – 2016). Source: empirica-systems market data base 2016

With this article, we want to give you a rental rate overview of selected German markets within this growing asset class (the class with a lack of rental rate and cash-flow information): We analysed the gross rents for temporary accommodation offers for 1-room flats, listed in 2016. The range varies from nearly 30 €/m² in Munich, 25 €/m² in Frankfurt and Stuttgart to only 12 €/m² in Dresden. The analysed advertisements are furnished, for temporary use and the rates include ancillary costs.

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